"This colorful story that started with an almond…"

Our story: It began with an almond seed sown within an earlier time. The warmth of the sun and the abundance of rain grew the seeds that had been individually planted with devotion. The almonds, beginning to emerge from their hard green shells, are meticulously collected for HAZZ macarons when harvest time comes. The freshest almonds, carefully selected, arrive in masterful hands from its long journey. The almonds, with the indispensable essence of our specially flavored formula developed in France, are carefully treated. Our talented chefs, who choose the most flavorful, natural, and freshest of all ingredients, reveal our unique mix by blending in almonds into a powdery form.

The macaron, a French classic, actually comes from the Italian maccarone. The first description, which came from Venice in the Renaissance, is said by the French to have been made in the same style as today.

Catherine de Medici, who at the time was married to Henry II, King of France, settled in France as a consequence; along with her, the macaron of Italian origin entered France, as well as Italian chefs. Since then, it has been identified with the cuisine of France, and Paris in particular. The birth of the macaron in its current form was realized through the ideas of Pierre Desfontaines in the mid-20th century. Desontaines developed the idea of combining the macaron shells with a sauce consisting of chocolate and cream.
The shape of the shell is constructed from ready-to-use industrial mixtures by combining the carefully chosen ingredients under the watchful eyes and hands of the master. The method is rather difficult, requiring the correct consistency of ingredients to be processed under skillful hands in an appropriate production environment.

On one hand, the ready-mix method of making the dough by whipping in a little warm water is preferred commercially from time to time for basic reasons. However, final products that arise, which consumers neither desire nor enjoy because of synthetic additives like preservatives and yeast inhibitors, cannot take place in the market. This style forms a distinctive flavor in the macarons that are produced, such as in between fabrication and home-made cakes.

What alights between the two shells and what determines the aroma of the macaron are the ingredients. Products like butter cream, pastry cream, and jam are preferred commercially for their low cost and ease of preparation, contrary to the classic Parisian logic of macaron production. It is necessary to use artificial flavors in general due to the challenges of blending with natural foods that have flavor. Most of these kinds of fillers must be consumed fresh and in a short time because they are not suitable for freezing or even setting aside to cool.

But with the chocolate ganache that we use in all of our varieties, the filling is prepared by melting in chocolate with milk cream or fruit puree. In our products, only fillers that we prepare with the chocolate ganache method are used, especially because of using all-natural ingredients and being able to produce a frozen macaron, despite being more difficult and costlier according to others.
We produce our macarons in the classic style without any additives by selecting the most natural ingredients and using only 100% crushed almonds, pure powdered sugar, and egg whites. While preparing our ganache, we provide indispensible flavor created from crushed nuts from our variety of pistachios, Belgian chocolate from our style of chocolate, fresh and frozen fruits collected according to season, special caramel that we prepare in our own caramel cultivar, vanilla sticks, white chocolate, and pure rose, mint, and gumdrop oils, as well as others from our similar varieties.

We ship our macarons without breaking the cold chain, maintaining them in cold storage after they’re flash frozen in order to reach you without losing any nutritional value or taste, with the freshness of our macarons at the time they were made. Our macarons have formed excellent macarons through their smooth shiny surface, double-layered shells, frilly baselines, crunchy inner shell, and soft ganache cream.